NGO for international cooperation in renewable natural resource management and adaptation to climate change.

Carbon - a focus on forests

Awareness of the growing contribution of tropical deforestation to global warming led the international community to establish agreements and develop specific mechanisms that reduce deforestation processes in developing coutries while promoting social and economic welbeing. These mechanisms rely on adding value to standing forests and are based on Carbon transactions

Carbon projects based on land use/land cover management require

  • A baseline against which projectc additionality can be assessed
  • negotiation, contracting, and regulatory approval processes
  • Credible monitoring reporting systems required to validate carbon credit (CERs and VERs) permanence


Is focused on contributing to fill the gap between policy requirements and capacity by providing information, scientific knowledge, tools and techniques. Our main objective is to improve renewable natural resource management as a means of enhancing carbon absorption, and reducing carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries.